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Dr. Maen Al Khateeb is a senior professional with advanced degrees in the field of the Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Facial Reconstructive Surgery. He is an Associate Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London UK, and a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, USA. He obtained a Master Fellowship in Laser from Achen University, Germany, and he is an Accredited Member of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, USA.

The Max Fax™ method

The “Max Fax™” method is based on the careful study of each patient’s unique facial features and bone structure, to restore volume and enhance profile. It comprises of four main techniques to benefit from:
Max Fax™ Sculpting – a combination of calibrated amounts of fillers and botox injections in specific areas in the face, tailored to each patient’s needs.
Max Fax™ Face Lift – a combination technique that uses threads and fillers to tighten the skin, get rid of its sagging and restoring one’s face natural shape.
Max Fax™ Surgery- when the profile loss is advanced, whether for genetic reasons (such as jawline congenital malformation, bigger or smaller than normal) or for natural bone loss due to the ageing process, Dr. Maen restores natural profile by the surgical insertion of facial implants in targeted areas to enhance and improve facial appearance.
Fox Eyes by Max Fax™ – one of the latest trends, consists in enhancement of the look to achieve a sharp sexy glare. It is achieved by applying the Max Fax™ method, depending on patient’s unique features.


Signature Services by Dr. Maen

Since the Max Fax™ method is extremely customized and tailored on patient’s needs, Dr. Maen’s Max Fax™ Face Lift technique aims to restore a plumber and more youthful appearance for patients over 40. The technique involves the use of medical threads that are inserted in specific areas to target the sagging of the skin and slow the ageing process. The Max Fax™ Face Lift is the best choice to treat droopy eyebrows, sleepy eyes, sagging jawline and double chin. The technique can be used in combination with the Face Sculpting for a complete profile enhancement.

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The Max-Fax Face Sculpting technique is brought to a different level with this approach. The method involves the initial calculation of the patient’s own aesthetic proportions in combination with the evaluation of their facial bones’ structure and position. The case-study might involve the intervention of different specialties in the view to correct specific areas, such as excessive gingival display (gingivoplasty), upper and lower jaw (orthognatic surgery), chin bone (ginoplasty), maxillary bone (jaw implants) or cheeks bones (cheeks implants), or, in some cases, even multiple areas. After the initial correction process has been completed, the Max-Fax Surgery will take place to enhance those corrections through the application of facial implants. Patients enjoy the end result, as it is permanent and completely tailored to their own facial features, meaning that they still find themselves in the mirror yet with harmony and enhanced appearance.

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One of the latest trends in aesthetic procedures, created by Dr. Maen and one of the most requested internationally. The target area are the eyes, upper and lower eye-lids, eyebrows. The procedure can be performed with three different techniques, depending on each case. For younger patients, usually the method comprise the use of Botox in specific amounts around the eyes and eyebrows to achieve the “Foxy Eye look”. In patients with mildly sagging eyelids and droopy eyebrows, the method is performed non-invasivally by the insertion of medical threads. For more aged skin, the method is easily performed by tiny surgical cut at the base of the hairline or the eyebrow and the skin is lifted, along with the underlying muscle, to achieve the sharp look. In more advanced cases, in conjunction with droopy eyes, the Fox Eyes technique involves the surgical procedures of upper and lower blepharoplasty, i.e. eye-lid surgery. The end result is the “Foxy Eyes look”, a sharp, sexy, youthful glare, sported by many actors and models around the world.

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This one-of-a-kind procedure was first implemented in the UAE by Dr. Maen Al Khateeb in 2010, thanks to his Master Degree in Laser from Achen University (Germany) and more than 25 years of experience in the field. The Lip Laser procedure aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots on the lips and gums, by specifically targeting melanine pigmentation, and restoring natural lips and gums colour. Although the melanin pigmentation of the gingiva and the lips is a completely benign condition and does not represent a medical problem, yet it represents aesthetical source of concerns for many patients. Laser Depigmentation is based on selective photothermolysis principle. Laser energy is transformed into ablation energy, resulting in cellular rupture and vaporization with minimal heating of the surrounding tissue. Different laser techniques have been used for treatment of oral melanin pigmentation, The technique requires high accuracy and precision and involves the depigmentation of the lips through the utilization of Laser by using specific parameters, different for each case.

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The best doctor! for 2 years I have been a patient of Dr.Maen! Max Fax lifting procedure – highly recommend it! Florentia clinic beautiful clinic with amazing services and wonderful hospitality. The ladies were all absolutely lovely, treated me so well! If you’re looking for the highest quality aesthetic services in Dubai, you have to go to Florentia clinic!

Dr Maen Al Khateeb is amazing. As a man I always achieve the results I want while keeping my look natural.Jawline, chin and cheekbones fillers to create a more squared look. I would never go anywhere else

I had a very pleasant experience. The staff at the reception were all friendly and welcoming, waiting time was ok and the dr spent a lot of time explaining what I needed exactly, how the procedure would go and the aftercare recommendations. Overall, I am very pleased with the clinic and I’m super happy with the results and I would definitely come back.

Best doctors and great team . You feel home taken care of 5 stars service with superb quality and results

I did like my experience with Dr Maen. He is professional, attentive to detail, honest and realistic about expectations.

Florencia clinic is like my second home. I always feel so welcomed by the most amazing ladies. The staff is so warm and helpful. Dr. Maeen is the best. He is the beauty Guru. Highly recommended

My experience with Florentia clinic was spectacular. Everyday there is near perfect at there job and are extremely knowledgeable. Even the staff at the clinic are very nice and welcoming. The doctors know what they’re doing and they are certainly up to date and modern.

The best clinic ever Have also dr.rusul she is the professional Dentist 👍

What a wonderful professional team starting from receptionist to nurses to doctors. I would highly recommend Florentia clinic

One Of The Best Clinics In Middles East Highly Recommended Center In All Services
Skin care facial , filler Botox MAX FAX By Dr Maen Al Khatib its One Of The Best Techniques Thats Gives U Natural Look And Beauty Face ❤️ Leila

After trying many clinics I finally stayed faithful to Dr Maen at florentin clinic since now 3 years. The staff is lovely, the clinic is beautiful and Dr Maen is just incredibly good… he understands everything I want even when I don’t have the words to explain. He’s never too much, keeping me so natural to enhance what I need without making it obvious for anyone. The result is always so natural and so nice that I really recommend him to anyone that would like to do something to feel more confident. His work really improved my confidence and it’s nice to feel that hapiness when leaving that clinic.
Thank you to all the staff and Dr Maen

There isn’t anywhere else in dubai I would ever trust with my face like I do Dr Maen He is the best And the customer service and staff here at Florencia clinic are second to none
Love coming here

One of the best clinics in UAE , very professional and friendly staff and doctors are high professional specially Dr . Maen 👍🏻Highly recommended

Lovely experience in Florentia Clinic. Excellent service. I highly recommend this clinic.

I have been seeing Dr Sarah for over 2 years now, and she is amazing! She sees beauty in every person and with her great techniques and aesthetic touch she really enhances the unique beauty of her clients. She explains what needs to be done and ensures everyone leaves satisfied and feeling more beautiful ! If you are looking for quality, professionalism, great techniques, long term glow and consistent youthfulness 🙂 visit Dr Sarah at Florentia Clinic.

Doctor Maen is a professional doctor. He knows what suits you better. I got the results way better than I expected. Constant follow ups. The staff are amazing: nurses and receptionists. I am really treated like a queen. They all deserve all the best

The services that I receive from the clinic is excellent. Dr. Sarah and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about the treatment.

I have used Dr. Maen at Florentia Clinic for several cosmetic procedures and could not be happier! He is a experienced and wise plastic surgeon, with the kindest and most professional team. The staff is very friendly and beautiful clinic is beautiful.
I trust the clinic completely-regular Botox appointments are fix on my scedule here.
My botox has never lasted this long before and i couldn‘t be happier with my results! He has done some amazing work on my face! 😍

Very professional, definitely I will visit them again, Specially Dr Sara Alagha

Best Doctor and clinic! Super professional and kind. I am very happy with the results, very natural and exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

First of all the location is amazing, and convenience to all- Parking available and Valet service.

Clinic so huge, luxury, warm welcoming, the hall staff taking care of you.

Doctor provide free consultation first, and will tell you everything you need to do, then it’s your choice to decide what you really want to do.

Doctor Maen is so experience with the Face Shape and requirements, and so professional.

I visited him based on recommendation, and I really recommend all to visit him and at least get consultations and I guarantee you- You will love the work