Max Fax™ Surgery

Bothered by a small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour and you wish for a permanent result? The Max Fax Surgery is the definitive solution to bring balance and better proportion to the structural appearance of your face by the insertion of facial implants.

What does Max Fax™ mean?

It is the abbreviation of Maxillo-Facial, which is that branch of Medicine and Dentistry that studies and corrects facial unaesthetisms. The Maxillo-Facial method involves acting deep onto the bones, either with non-invasive treatments, such as Max Fax™ Sculpting, or with Surgery.

What is Max Fax™ Surgery?

This signature technique by Dr. Maen is based on the maxillo-facial knowledge of the patient’s own facial bones features. Since every person is unique, facial implants are positioned by carefully studying individual aesthetic proportions and relating them to the underlying facial structure.

What is a facial implant?

Facial implants are synthetic biocompatible materials placed deep under the tissue and onto the bone to either enhance certain features of the face or to correct facial deformities resulting from injury or congenital conditions. They can be chin implants, cheek implants or jaw implants.

If you have a small, weak and receding chin, Chin Implants increase its size and projection, resulting in an improved profile and in an enhanced balance and harmony of the face.

To enhance the definition and fullness of your cheeks, those implants are fixed to the cheek bones with tiny micro screws, so they will always remain in place and not droop.

In some cases jaws are not well defined and distinct from the neck or maybe they form a slope rather than angles from the ear to the chin. Jaw implants give more definition to this area creating a sharper, more harmonic appearance.

Are they safe?

Facial Implants are synthetic materials that are biocompatible with your body and it is very rare that they are rejected, making them safe to be placed permanently.

Am I a good candidate for facial implants?

Yes, if you are physically healthy, do not smoke and have a positive attitude and specific goals in mind for improvement of facial contours.

How is a facial implants procedure performed?

The procedure follows these steps:

⦁ First, surgical markings are drawn on your face to assist the surgeon in placing the implant;

⦁ You will be given general anaesthesia, along with a local anaesthetic;

⦁ The surgeon makes a small incision near the area where the implant has to be placed;

⦁ The implant is gently inserted using a sterilized clamp;

⦁ And finally, the incision is closed with sutures.

What will my facial implants incisions and scars be like?

For Chin Implants, the incision usually is done inside your mouth, along the crease that joins your lower lip and gum; while Cheek Implants are most often placed through incisions in the mouth, or with incisions within the hairline. Also Jaw Implants are placed with incisions inside the mouth, further back along the jawline, at the crease where the inside of your cheek and gums meet.
Since the incisions will be done in hidden areas they won’t be visible. They are closed with absorbable stitches that will be removed within one to two weeks following your surgery.

What kind of recovery period can I expect, and when can I resume normal activities?

The procedure is performed in the Clinic and it is a day surgery. You might ask a friend to help you drive home after the surgery.


The initial healing phase may include localized swelling, discoloration, numbness or discomfort, which may take several months to fully dissipate. Also, facial movements may be temporarily restricted or impaired. Do not panic, this is normal. Once settled, you will be happy to see the final outcome of your facial implants to be long-lasting.

What are the risks and complications?

The decision to have facial implant surgery is extremely personal. Prepare to discuss all your concerns about the outcome and potential risks and complications with your surgeon prior the surgery. You will be the only one to take a decision whether the possible complications are acceptable and if the outcome achieved will be realistic to your expectations.

What are my options if Facial Implants are not for me?

You can still opt for the MAX FAX™ Sculpting.

Max Fax™ Surgery
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Who can I contact for advice?

You can book your Face Enhancement Consultation with Dr. Maen Al Khateeb at Florentia clinic
Land line: +971 434 22 000
Mobile: +971 56 8737444