Upper Lip Filler, the Trendiest Treatment for Juicy Lips

Upper Lip Filler-the Trendiest Treatment for Juicy Lips

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April 29, 2023

Upper Lip Filler, the Trendiest Treatment for Juicy Lips

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of individuals are prepared to go to considerable efforts to acquire the ideal pout. Luscious, plump lips have long been a symbol of beauty and youth. While laser lip surgery and lip filling glosses and makeup have been trendy for years, upper lip fillers are a more recent fad. The benefits of this non-surgical procedure, which might endure for a while promise to give you the plump, luscious lips of your fantasies (Ghasemi and Akbari, 2022).

But what precisely is upper lip filler, and why has it emerged as the most popular cosmetic procedure? To learn everything in thoroughness, keep scrolling!

Upper Lip Lifting Surgery: What Is It?

Upper lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that does not require surgery. Dermal fillers are injected into the upper lip to boost its volume, making it look fuller, and adding more definition. Hyaluronic acid, which occurs spontaneously in the body and serves to keep the skin supple and moisturized and is often used to create these fillers. By adding a natural-looking volume to the lips after fillers composed of hyaluronic acid have been injected into them, they can improve the overall contour of the lips and help hide fine lines, wrinkles, and crevices.

With the opportunity to select from several filler kinds, injection methods, and dosages, upper lip fillers can be tailored to each patient’s unique desires and requirements (Kontis, 2018). Most individuals have little to no downtime or after-effects after the relatively quick and pleasant procedure.

“Lip Filler Before and After” – Discover What Exactly Happens!

Well, before getting lip fillers it’s crucial to arrange a consultation with a designated cosmetic injector so that you can go through your desires, preferences, and any potential concerns. To identify the most effective lip filler techniques for getting your desired results, the injector will assess your lips and facial structure during the consultation. To make sure you are suitable for the treatment, they may also inquire about your medical history, allergies, and prescription drugs.

To lessen pain during the injections, the injector will numb the lips with a numbing lotion or local anesthesia on the day of the procedure. The filler will then be delicately injected into the desired locations on the lips using a small needle or cannula to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy. Typically, the entire procedure takes less than an hour, and you can resume your regular activities right away following the treatment.

Mild swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection points are frequent side effects of lip fillers. Most of the time such side effects disappear in a few hours or days, however, if you still feel pain, you can use cold packs or consume over-the-counter pain relievers. You shouldn’t touch or rub your lips, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or perform any tasks for a minimum of 24 hours after the treatment.

You might notice some rapid changes in the appearance of your lips following the procedure, but it might take some time for the filler to properly set and reveal its full lip filler before and after the results. Lip fillers typically last between 6 and 12 months, depending on the filler type used as well as individual factors like metabolism and lifestyle habits. It is essential to schedule numerous follow-up appointments with your injector to maintain full, defined lips.


    7 Things You Wish You’d Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

    You definitely have a lot of queries and worries regarding whether lip enhancement is the correct choice for you. Perhaps a colleague or friend has been gushing about how nice her larger lips look, and you’re ready to commit to non-surgical dermal filler procedures.

    Therefore, the seven most important things you should know before scheduling an appointment in the clinic can help you and address any worries you may have regarding lip fillers.

    1. Where You Get Lip Fillers Is Entirely Up To You

    If there’s an area where you don’t want the fullness, tell the doctor where not to inject lip filler before the procedure gets started. No one method works for all lip injections. You can only fill the top lip, and bottom lip, or put the filler in the middle.

    2. Visit Only a Licensed Cosmetic Dermatology Specialist

    For your lip injections, you must only visit a cosmetic dermatology specialist, such as a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or dermatologist. Only consult highly skilled lip filler specialists. Many expert cosmetologists do lip filler in Dubai and provide guaranteed results to each client based on their tastes.

    3. Getting Them Bigger Isn’t the Only Goal

    To even out the lips some people have lip fillers. For example, you can thicken the upper lip to make the bottom lip equal if the top lip is noticeably thinner than the bottom lip and causes you to feel self-conscious.

    Alternatively, perhaps the dimpling in the middle of your top lip known as the “cupid’s bow” is not clearly defined. You can get a defined, curved upper lip using fillers. If your upper lip exposes your gums, filling it up will help your smile look more even. As a result, many people utilize fillers to give their lips form rather than enlarge them.

    4. After Injections, Your Natural Lips Won’t Sag

    Contrary to what you might have heard, if you decide one day not to have lip injections anymore, your lips won’t start to sag. Once you stop injecting, your lips will resume their normal appearance. Additionally, there is good news: research has revealed that the hyaluronic acid that is injected with lip filler regenerates even more HA synthesis where it is injected. Implying that past injections may have left your lips bigger.

    5. You’ll Experience Instant Satisfaction

    Outcomes will be instantly apparent. Your lips will initially be a little puffy, but you’ll notice the fillers’ effects quite immediately. Allow your lips to calm down and the swelling to go down for 24 hours. Once the lip filler healing process is done your full lips will then be visible as they will be during the ensuing few months.

    6. It Need Not Be Painful

    If you don’t like feeling pain, ask your doctor to use topical anesthesia to numb your lips before the procedure. Your lips are covered in the numbing lotion until virtually no sensation is felt. The injection may still cause some slight pressure, but no significant pain.

    7. You Can Always Reverse It

    Has lip filler gone wrong? Not smitten with your new lips? Don’t worry! Your dermatological specialist can provide an enzyme called hyaluronidase that breaks down the filler fast because hyaluronic acid is not a permanent substance (Safran et al., 2021).

    How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

    Just as face threading cost depends from salon to salon, several variables can affect the price of lip fillers. Considering the clinic’s location, the injector’s training and experience, the kind of filler used, and the quantity of filler necessary to produce the desired effects. Lip filler injection prices can range from $500 to $1,500 on average, with certain clinics providing discounts for purchasing numerous injections or package offers.

    While cost is undoubtedly a consideration when choosing lip fillers, it’s equally crucial to give the injector’s experience and credentials top priority. In the long run, choosing an injector with extensive training and experience who applies high-quality goods and caters to the individual needs of each patient might produce more satisfactory and durable effects.

    Frequency Asked Question’s

    When should I make an appointment with my healthcare provider?

    Two weeks following your lip filler procedure, make a follow-up visit with your doctor. Your lips will be examined, and you and they will talk about the results, including if you would like additional volume, which calls for more filler.

    Is it safe to have lip fillers while expecting?

    No studies have been conducted to establish the safety of lip fillers during pregnancy. The FDA forbids the administration of lip fillers while pregnant as a result.

    Do lip fillers pose health risks?

    Lip fillers are a form of medical care. When administered by a skilled medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon, lip fillers are quite safe. But if you go to a salon to get it done then it’s not safe as they’re not experts in this designated field so they might not know where and where not to inject lip filler during the procedure.

    How soon after having my lips filled can I eat or drink?

    Whether you had face surgery in Dubai or a lip filler, it’s ideal to avoid accidentally biting your lips and disturbing the filler by delaying eating until after the topical anesthetic or nerve block injection has gone off. For at least 24 hours, you should refrain from consuming any sticky foods that might make you wipe your face or lips. Also, you must avoid using drinking straws and smoking as well. Lips that are pursed or contracted may also bother lip filler.

    Additionally, you should abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours because alcohol thins the blood, which might exacerbate lip bruising.


    The most common way to get that sought luscious pout is upper lip filler. It is not surprising that a growing number of individuals are using this procedure to improve their lips due to its rapid, non-surgical method and personalized outcomes. Upper lip filler can help you fulfill what you’re looking for, whether you’re trying to add subtle fullness, eliminate fine wrinkles, or simply increase your confidence with a young, fresh appearance.

    So if you want to join the group of people with lush, full lips, think about making an appointment with a licensed cosmetic lip filler in Dubai right away. Who knows, you could end up having a crush on your new appearance!



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