Feel younger. Look younger.

Feel younger. Look younger.

January 1, 2022

With Dermal Fillers injections this is possible and easy. 

JANUARY 1ST, 2022. 

The aging process cannot be stopped, we all know that, but at least we can slow down its visible effects. Dermal filler injections help reverse the signs of aging by working in harmony with your facial tissues and the best thing is that they are a simple, quick and affordable treatment! 

What are Dermal Fillers and how do they work? 

As we age, the collagen and elastin fibers which provide strength and support to facial tissues break down, making lines and wrinkles more visible. Dermal fillers are natural or synthetic gels of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a sugar chain molecule normally present in our skin. When injected under the skin, the HA attract and binds water providing volume and hydration, which ultimately support collagen and elastin fibers like a ‘cushion’ and hence restoring our face’s youthful appearance. 

What areas can be treated?  

The most commonly treated areas are the nasolabial folds (the lines from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth), the marionette lines (the lines from the corner of your mouth down to the chin) and forehead lines. Fillers are also used to reduce crows feet around the eyes, the frown lines and for cheeks’ and lips’ enhancement and contouring. 

At Florentia Clinic, rated as one of the best clinics for aesthetics in Dubai, Dr. Maen Al Khateeb injects Dermal Fillers with a highly customized technique named Max Fax™ Sculpting, which basically enhance the whole facial appearance by maintaining individual beauty features.  

Are Dermal fillers safe?  

The Hyaluronic Acid preparation used in facial fillers is almost identical to the one naturally found in young skin and, being FDA approved, it has been used for more than 20 years. In fact, the HA formulation is biodegradable, broken down and gradually absorbed and eliminated by our body. 

In addition to that, you may want to know that it is not derived from animal sources, hence there’s no way you could get any risk of disease transition or allergic reactions! 

… and how about the risks? 

Some common injection-related reactions might occur: you should expect pain & redness in the injection area, itching, and in some cases also bruising, swelling or raised bumps of skin (nodules). But nothing to worry about: these symptoms have generally been described as slight to reasonable and typically resolve spontaneously a few days after the injection. 

5 Things you can do: 

  • apply cold pad to reduce swelling 
  • Use gentle soap and or cleanser (no rubbing) 
  • Apply moisturizer as needed 
  • Use sun block 30 minutes before sun exposure.  
  • Take pain reliever if pain is not tolerable 

5 Things you should not do (in the first 24 hours after injection): 

  • Avoid touching the treated area for the first 6 hours and do not massage unless otherwise instructed  
  • Do not use make-up during the first 12 hours. 
  • Avoid warm applications or warm baths.  
  • Avoid warm drinks for lip fillers.  
  • Avoid any extended exposure to the sun, temperature below 0°C , UV rays, and as well as intense facial treatment sessions or any sauna during the 2 following weeks. 

Who should I contact for advice? 

For further information connect with Dr. Maen at Florentia Clinic: 

Tel: +971 43422000 

Mob: +971 568737444 



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