Dr.Maen Al Khateeb: Maxillo-Facial & Reconstructive Surgery 

Dr.Maen Al Khateeb: Maxillo-Facial & Reconstructive Surgery 

May 1, 2022

MAY 1ST, 2022 

What is Maxillo-Facial & Reconstructive Surgery? 

It is a specialty in Medicine and Dentistry Schools that targets the areas of the Head and Neck, both soft tissues (skin and derma) and hard tissues (facial structural bones). 

What are the conditions that could be targeted by this discipline? 

It targets congenital malformations (a small jaw, malocclusion problems, cleft and lip palate, etc.), medical conditions like trauma or accidents but also aesthetic enhancements (facial asymmetry or volume loss to due bones and derma ageing process). 

Let’s discuss the congenital malformations: 

Congenital malformations happen for genetic factors or mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) which affect a baby’s normal cranio-facial development. Neglecting such issues, may cause severe trauma in a child development, whether it is from its functionality or appearance, having a deep impact also at psychological level. 

Such as instance, neglecting treatment at young ages in the area of ​​​​the jaws and teeth may lead to the failure of facial bones to grow in a consistent manner, which can result in malocclusion of the teeth, asymmetry and similarity in the growth of the face between the right and left side. 


    And medical conditions: 

    Obviously, everyone knows the impact of a car accident on the body, especially if the head or neck are the interested parts. Many cases can be treated with minor surgeries, but mostly the role of the Maxillo-Facial & Reconstructive Surgeon is to fix the broken bones, such as mandibles, skull, teeth, nose, orbital cavity, zygomatic areas…and restore aesthetic asymmetry, yes, but most importantly, functionality and the ability to go back to a normal life.

    And what about Aesthetic Enhancements? 

    As a further step to the two ones just mentioned, patients would undergo aesthetic facial reconstruction to enhance their appearance and go back to their normal lives. 

    In some cases, though, patients do not present any major problems, and facial enhancements are performed to restore harmony to an asymmetrical face or to add volume deep onto the tissues, due to the ageing process, either surgically or with non-invasive methods. 

    Who should I contact for advice? 

    For further information connect with Dr. Maen at Florentia Clinic: 

    Tel: +971 43422000   

    Mob: +971 568737444 



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    Dr.Maen Al Khateeb: Maxillo-Facial & Reconstructive Surgery 


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